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Can Rabbits Eat Banana?

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

Rabbits require fresh vegetables and fruit as part of a balanced diet, however it’s very easy to over indulge when you’re as small as a rabbit and doing so can have some devastating effects simply overnight. So that begs the question, are rabbits allowed banana?

Rabbits are allowed to eat Bananas with and without peel in moderation, much like other fruits this is due to their extremely high sugar content. You should only feed your rabbit 1 – 2 tablespoons worth of banana every other day, not doing so will result in obesity and diarrhea which in-turn can cause dehydration.

Can Rabbits eat Banana?

Is Banana Safe for Rabbits?

Yes! Banana is extremely loved by almost all rabbits. Some prefer just the insides, some love eating the peel as well. Each rabbit is different, but what’s commonly known is that a rabbit will hunt down anyone for a bite of their banana.

Can rabbits eat banana peel?

Banana peel is completely safe for your rabbit to consume and not only this, some rabbits actually prefer it to the center! Banana peel is great for your rabbits teeth and is packed full of nutrients.

If you’re really concerned about your rabbit sugar intake, you could consider giving them just the peel which is around 30% fiber and 60% carbohydrates. Whilst carbohydrates aren’t good for your rabbit in large quantities, fiber is extremely crucial to their diet. However, the difference between peel and inside contents isn’t that different.

How much Banana can I feed my rabbit?

Banana is extremely high in sugar content, as such you should only give your rabbit around 2 tablespoons of banana every few days. If you have a giant rabbit, this can be increased but it’s probably best to mix it with other fruits.

In essence, you should give your rabbit two tablespoons worth of banana per five pounds of body weight. But this means no other fruit can be eaten during this time period.

If your rabbit hasn’t had banana before, it’s best to give them a small portion to begin with whilst monitoring their stools and behavior to avoid a chance of GI Stasis.

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Everyday?

No, Banana is extremely high in sugar content and Carbohydrates, giving your rabbit constant portions of Banana will only result in Diarrhea, GI Stasis and Obesity. You should give your rabbit 2 tablespoons per five pounds of body weight at most.

Age of RabbitAmount of Banana
Baby RabbitsNone.
Juvenile/Teen RabbitsNone.
Adult rabbits1-2 tablespoons of banana every 2 days
We still recommend every other day as an absolute maximum.
Per 100g of Banana
What diet should my rabbit have

Can Baby Rabbits eat Bananas?

Baby Rabbits, also known as kits have an entirely different dietary pallet that their parents or older siblings. As such, you should NOT give your rabbit any Fruit or Vegetables up until the age of 6 Months.

At 6 months at least, your rabbit should slowly be introduced into eating vegetables and fruits, but portions of Bananas should be kept extremely small and even the size of the slices

Remember, each rabbit has a different sensitivity to foods and with an animal this fragile its better to be safer than sorry.

If you’re looking for more information, check out our post What Vegetables are safe for my Rabbit?

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