2023 Best Rabbit Hay Feeder – Reviewing our Top 6

Published: November 8th, 2020
Last Updated: April 9th, 2023
Written By: Bradly Spicer
Hay Feeder and Boredom breaker

Hay breeds bacteria, add that with rabbit urine, anything your rabbit picks up with their feet and poo and you’ve got yourself a nasty mixture of potential illness.

In this post, we’re going to review the best rabbit hay feeder / hay racks on the market. From cheap to expensive, classy to tacky and even downright whacky.

One of the greatest benefits of a Hay Feeder is that it tends to keep hay fresher for longer and promotes having your rabbit work for their food.

Having had three rabbits, I’ve had indoor feeders, outdoor feeders, automatic pellet feeders, the lot! Choosing one best rabbit hay feeder is no easy feat, they all have pros and cons.

However, to help you avoid wasting time, we recommend the CalPalmy Hay Feeder. Purely for its size, anti-mess set up and easy to eat from tray.

If you’re a beginner rabbit owner or experienced rabbit owner, hopefully, we help you find a new hay feeder that will keep your home clean and your rabbit happy!

Our Top 3 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders

CalPalmy Hay Feeder/Rack

Best Rabbit Hay Feeder / Rack

CalPalmy Hay Feeder/Rack – Fresh/Non-Toxic, BPA Free Plastic/Minimizing Waste/Mess


  • Affordable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Hooks onto any wire cage
  • A decent size for food
  • Tray to avoid mess

If you’re happy to throw style and aesthetics in the bin, this is the best rabbit hay feeder we recommend.

What makes this so good is that it hooks over pretty much anything, we even tried dangling it from a string and our rabbit Link LOVED it. whilst it does boast being non-toxic, we still highly suggest that any nibbly rabbit get a wooden based hay manager!

Wontee Wooden Wall Mount Rack

Rabbit Feeder 2

Wall-mountable Hay Manger for Small Pets Bunny Chinchilla Guinea Pigs


  • Affordable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Hooks onto any wire cage and wall
  • A decent size for food
  • Chew safe

This wall-mountable Hay feeder is a fantastic safe option for your rabbit, it’s got extremely easy installation steps which is simply just a hanging hole with a screw on the back.

This means it’s incredibly conveient to move and re-set up in just a matter of minutes.

It’s made from natural wood materials which make it safe for rabbits to chew on should they feel the urge.

Hang it up high or down low, it minimalises the excess hay that comes from it.

Living World Hay Feeding Station for Pets

Feeder 3

Fun and enriching hay feeder – great for keeping hay clean and encouraging foraging behaviour


  • Affordable
  • A great toy
  • Can be put anywhere
  • A great challenge

This is a great hay feeder for anyone who has a naughty rabbit, it will keep your rabbit entertained for quite a long time.

It’s a fairly small rabbit feeder, so it’s not too difficult to place anywhere, however, due to its small size, it’s not the easiest to fill with hay.

This is probably the most enrichment filled hay feeder for rabbits on the market. Simply fill it with hay and you’ll see your rabbit spend a long amount of time rolling it around to get its hay.

Rosewood Fun Tree Boredom Breaker Hay Feeder

Hay Feeder and Boredom breaker

A fun and great Rosewood Tree Boredom Breaker


  • Super funny to watch
  • A staple hay feeder
  • Great quality
  • Made with pet safe dyes and non-toxic glue

We’ve had two of these, the first one ruined due to our rabbit Link throwing his water over it, but since the second one, it’s become a huge part of Links enrichment.

The dangling carrots are fantastic as they rest of your rabbits head as they try and nibble them. Extremely funny!

It’s more than worth the price, I can’t stress enough how great it is for any curious or naughty bunny.

JanYoo Wood Hay Feeder

81NTN7gAT3L. AC SL1500

Pure natural oak hay feeder


  • Encourages movement and exercise
  • Nice and tidy
  • Great quality
  • Made with safe to eat materials

We’ve thrown this away as we prefer the Rosewood Tree feeder for having out and about, but don’t let that deter you!

This seems like a much better option for anyone who has multiple rabbits. It’s more of a collective group eating station.

I would suggest keeping this in your rabbit’s cage or in an area that’s not carpet based.

Geegoods Rabbit Feeder Bag

71XsJTT8eKL. AC SL1200

Cloth Rabbit Feeder bag


  • Easy to manage
  • No mess no fuss
  • Cheaper
  • “Bite resistant”

Typically speaking, Hay Feeder bags aren’t great for rabbits as they’re easily ripped, ruined and need replacing regularly.

However, this feeder bag offers a “Bite Resistant”, the reviews for this rabbit hay feeder also reiterate this, so they must be doing something right!

Best Rabbit Hay Feeders: A Buyers Guide

There’s so much to know about Rabbit Diets, how much to feed them, what to feed them, which products are the best. But with the important factor here being hay, we should really touch on everything you need to know as a buyer.

Lots of people simply throw hay in their rabbit’s cage, in a corner, in the rabbit bowl but this can cause confusion between where their sleeping area or feeding area is.

Rabbit Hay Feeders are definitely the answer, especially when you can provide enrichment, activity and stimulate their desire to forage for their food.

Do I need a rabbit hay feeder?

No, you can put hay in the end of their toilet, tuck in the corner of the cage or even just leave it in the same place on the floor.

But, Hay does harbour bacteria and that can live inside your rabbit for quite some time before getting them ill.

What should I look for in a rabbit hay feeder?

You would think it’s simple, finding the best rabbit hay feeder can’t be that hard, right? Well, you’d be wrong. There’s a lot of companies that produce hay feeders made of toxic materials or feeders that aren’t durable and if bitten could cause a choking risk.

We typically mix our different types of hay up to provide a balanced diet, but you may find a different hay feeder for each is the best way to go.


You may think, the bigger the better! But rabbits need a consistant fresh amount of hay on a regular basis. So the hay you put in two days prior will need swapping out, not just topping up!

We suggest finding a hay feeder that fits on the basis of how many rabbits you have and how much hay they eat in one sitting. This will be different on a rabbit by rabbit basis.

Any of the ones we listed above will do the trick, but if you’re going for the Rosewood Hay Feeder Tree, you will need to replace the hay regularly (We often smuggle in some treat hay).


Rabbits chew stuff all the time, you don’t want to buy them a hay feeder that causes issues if they digest part of it. That’s why we always suggest using products which a verified as safe for nibbling!

For the most part, you want to avoid plastic, anything that’s been painted or has a ‘treat’ coating to it that isn’t a non-toxic food dye.

If possible we suggest metal or wood hay feeders as they are rabbit safe.


Lots of Rabbit Hay Feeders are counter-productive, they’ll either be too small for your rabbit to reach in or be in a dangly ball and just not be accessible and your rabbit will lose interest.

You should pick a hay feeder that best suits your rabbits needs and mannerisms, if they’re into foraging and like a challenge, a ball shaped feeder may be perfect.

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