Can Rabbits eat Strawberries?

Published: May 21st, 2022
Last Updated: April 8th, 2023
Written By: Bradly Spicer
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Can rabbits eat strawberries – Yes, Rabbits can eat small quantities of strawberries on a rare occurance, much like most fruits. Giving your Rabbit one chopped up strawberry once a week shouldn’t be a problem, but should still be swapped out with other fruits on the regular.

Strawberries are incredibly sweet treats, in 2018 alone 8.34 Million Metric Tons of strawberries were produced. That’s a lot of jam!

How many Strawberries can I give my rabbit?

With any fruit in a rabbits diet, you shouldn’t be giving them high amounts of high sugar count food. Generally speaking you should give your rabbit no more than two tablespoons of a Strawberry. This can obviously change depending on the size of the Strawberry. If they’re rather large, be sure to cut them down in size.

If you have a larger rabbit such as a Flemish Giant, the portion of Strawberry can be increased but we would recommend offering a different fruit substitute to mix up the nutritional value given to your furry friend.

You should not give your rabbit Strawberries more than an occasional treat, we recommend once a week at most. Try mixing them in with vegetables or as a bonding time treat.

When giving your rabbit strawberries, make sure that they are fresh picked or from a punnet, you should not give your rabbit frozen, cooked or processed (canned) strawberries. Fresh fruits reduce risk of any gastrointestinal (G.I) issues. When choosing freshly picked strawberries you will be maximising the vitamin and nutrient intake in their diet.

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What do Strawberries contain?

Strawberries contain next to no fat and a low quantity of carbohydrates and fiber. They’re incredibly healthy for your rabbit in small quantities, if your rabbit requires more fiber, we highly recommend introducing these juicy treats into their diet.

Nutritional Facts

Vitamin A1.52 mcg
Vitamin C89.4mg
Vitamin E0.44mg
Carotene, beta10.64mcg
Lutein + Zeaxanthin39.52 mcg
Calcium, Ca24.32 mg
Fluoride, F6.7 mcg
Magnesium, Mg19.76 mg
Manganese, Mn0.587, mg
Phosphorus, P36.48 mg
Potassium, K232.56 mg

Can Baby Rabbits eat Strawberries?

No, baby rabbits should not eat strawberries, in most cases your kits should only have alfalfa hay. Strawberries are extremely high in natural sugar count, in terms of many of the fruits rabbits can eat Strawberries contain some of the highest contents of sugar. This means they can create a threat of not only causing your rabbit to get obese if given too much often, but also the risk of GI Stasis and Diarrhea.

What age can Rabbits eat Strawberries?

Your Rabbit shouldn’t eat Strawberries until they can be slowly introduced into greens and other fruits at the age over 8 week and over. We still recommend focusing on fibre filled content until they’re older and can eat Hay, grass and leafy greens without issue.

Can rabbits eat Strawberries leaves?

Yes, the tops of strawberries can be eaten, this includes the leaves and stems of the fruit. You will need to make sure these are washed to avoid consumption of pesticides and chemicals that may be harmful to your rabbit, especially with their sensitive gut.

Can wild rabbits eat Strawberries?

Yes, wild rabbits can and do eat strawberries. You will find most wild rabbits have a stronger stomach than domesticated rabbits, but treats such a sugary fruits should still be consumed as little as possible. If you have wild strawberries growing in your garden, make sure they’re elevated to avoid being stolen!

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