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Do rabbits lay eggs? Debunking the Myth

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

It’s a fairly common misconception that rabbits lay eggs due to the Easter bunny, however, this is entirely incorrect as rabbits are placental mammals. As rabbits are placental mammals that means that their babies (Kits) develop embryos within their uteri.

The misconception here typically comes from the origin of the Easter Bunny delivering eggs, whilst Easter is now celebrated within the Christian religion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ it does date back to the pagan era in-which “Easter eggs” were associated with Spring and rebirth/fertility.

The name “Easter” appears to originate from the Old English word “Eostre” which also happens to be a Goddess in Anglo-Saxon Paganism.

Unfortunately, this does mean that the Easter Bunny does not lay eggs and the use of eggs simply comes from rabbits’ reputation for being very quick to reproduce. With only 31-33 days of pregnancy and a litter that often peaks 12 more baby bunnies.

freestocks Vb3bjAhfO2Q unsplash scaled e1614590643654

If you genuinely thought that the Easter Bunny laid eggs, don’t feel too silly, as there’s around 5000 people a month as of writing this that search to confirm if it does exist.

Whilst we’re here, it’s worth noting that Hares also do not lay eggs as they are also Placental mammals, placental simply means that an organ develops in the uterus during a pregnancy which provides oxygen and nutrients.

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