By Link the Bun March 8th, 2020


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What to feed your rabbit
Link Portrait

Hi, I’m Link the Rabbit!

I am an extremely spoiled and pampered rabbit that loves his owners! Whilst I may not be the first rabbit, my owners have spent all their time gathering knowledge about my care!

I want to help pass on all their secret tips & help on how to look after rabbits, make sure you give us a great diet and how to make some great toys extremely cheap!

Don’t tell them I have access to the laptop!

Check out my photos!

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Rabbit Diets & Health

Fresh Fruits

Fruits can be full of sugar and some extremely bad for your rabbits health.

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Fresh Vegetables

Not sure what vegetables are safe for your rabbit? Check out our quick guide

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Should you neuter your rabbit?

It’s a common question, so we have a simple answer!

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Want to spoil your bunny?

We source and play test all of the toys we can, creating comparisons, best of lists, worst of lists and everything we consider essential for your rabbits mental & physical well-being.

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