Top 5 Boredom Breaker Rabbit Toys

Published: February 3rd, 2021
Last Updated: April 8th, 2023
Written By: Bradly Spicer
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Rabbits are extremely intelligent, they absolutely love playing with toys and playing with YOU! Rabbits love to throw, gnaw, break, push and downright destroy their toys. Depending on your rabbits behaviour and mannerisms you may have a bun that loves to get involved with you or one which just likes to keep their toys to themselves and play in their own time.

Rabbit toys are a great boredom breaker and can help with any destructive behaviour especially pre-neuteur or spaying. If you don’t have the money for excessive amounts of toys, do not worry! This post will go over some cheap DIY options as well!

What kind of toys do rabbits like to play with?

A majority of the time rabbits will see you open a new toy infront of them and simply want to play with a cardboard box, it’s simply the way of the rabbit. But once they get bored of the box, any of these toys can be perfect for your rabbit:

  • Straw and Wicker Baskets
  • Parrot Toys
  • Plastic Baby Toys (Nothing with loose contents)
  • Grass Mats
  • Willow based weave ball
  • “Fun Balls” – Mixture of different types of balls that your rabbit can chew
  • Cardboard tubes with hay and treats inside
  • Ripped up pieces of newspaper
  • Cardboard tunnels
  • Rugs or towels

Our top picks

Every rabbit varies, but these are tried and tested rabbit toys we think any rabbit would love to play with, if you have any other suggestions on what you’ve tried, drop them in the comments below:

  • Best Overall: Rosewood Willow Gnaw Weave-A-Ball (Amazon)
    “One of the best and most fun toys your rabbit will ever have, fantastic for their teeth and entertainment for hours”
  • Best for Stimulation: Living World Teach-n-Treat Interactive Toy (Amazon)
    “If you’re spending time with your rabbit this fantastic puzzle gives your rabbit three methods of finding treats or pellets which require lots of sniffing, digging and mentally challenging tasks!”
  • Cheapest on a Budget: DIY Digging box (Read more)
    “If you’re looking for hours of fun at a bargain price, this DIY box can be made with everything you already have in the house and costs nothing extra to develop”
  • Best for Chewing: Natural Bamboo Treats (Amazon)
    “Amazing quantity and quality for helping keep your rabbits teeth shorter, these are the perfect chewing treats and come in a variety of flavors from Apple to Bamboo”
  • Best Tunnel: Snugglesafe Weather Flexible Tunnel (Amazon)
    “Sometimes the best tunnel is the one with the least options and the snugglesafe tunnel is perfect for making this a simple fun toy.”
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Link enjoying his hay filled Willow ball!

Rosewood Willow Gnaw Weave-A-Ball

These are absolutely fantastic but are very messy! Your rabbit will love ripping these apart and to top it off, willow is known to act as a pain-killer.

This is probably our rabbits favourite toy and treat, he has just enough to the point he knows where to stop but also makes the most of it lasting around 3 weeks on average.

When it’s on the finishing end it will leave a big mess, it will have fallen apart and be chewed to bits, don’t waste it though! Mix it in with their hay or in with their pellets.

Do be careful though as it is easy for your rabbit to get their head stuck, once you see it opened up a bit it’s worth breaking it in half.

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Trio Fun Balls

Another fantastic choice is these three balls, you’ll find there are some variants which contain a center core which needs removing so we highly suggest avoiding those and just buying the Rosewood branded boredom breakers.

They’re pretty cheap and last a long time, the thinner white ball typically goes first with the other two lasting over a month before they are finished. The first two boredom breakers are also the easiest to clean up and leave the least mess.

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The one on the left is our rabbits favourite!
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Absolutely loving the digging box!

DIY Digging Box

This is an extremely cheap boredom breaker for your rabbit, it costs almost nothing and all of it is entirely DIY. We covered how to make the DIY Rabbit Digging Box already so we’ll just go over why it’s so great.

For one, it’s easy to top up, add more hay, pellets, treats, throw toys inside, you can even buy a dirt digging box to put in the base!

This box will provide your rabbit with hours of entertainment and can be easily thrown out once finished.

If your rabbit isn’t toilet trained, definitely put some puppy pads underneath!

Maze-a-Log Treat Challenge

These are absolutely amazing, I’ve attached two images, one of it completely destroyed and the other of how it should look when freshly purchased!

You don’t get the contents to hide in it, but we find pellets and the odd treat does the job. Even without treats your rabbit will love sitting on it and ripping it to pieces.

You’ll find this lasts months but it really depends how long you want to keep it around, we typically find our rabbit likes one corner and after that’s gone he just moves on.

So, which ones should I get?

This will depend based on your rabbits personal needs and their personality. One rabbit may like the multi-exit tunnels where as another may not like them at all.

You’re likely going to need to buy multiple variations of toys from different brands, but you should definitely make sure the toys and treats you purchase meet certain criteria to keep your rabbit healthy and avoid any sickness or illness.

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