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May 5th, 2020
Written By: Link the Bun

15 Best Rabbit Treats – Tested & Reviewed 2022

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

Rabbits much like ourselves have a sweet tooth and absolutely love having treats. You’ll constantly have them running around your feet begging for treats whenever they see you walk near the treat box!

But as per any pet, you will need to make sure they have a balanced diet and should only be given a high in fibre vegitarian diet.

This is an extensive list and breakdown of the treats our rabbit Link loves. Through extensive testing, deep scientific formula and research, our bunny has ripped open the Amazon packaging and hopefully, we can show you what the best option is.

Before we go into treats you can purchase, we should definitely touch on natural treats your rabbit will absolutely love.

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Natural treats for your rabbit


If your rabbit tries Dandelion, I can promise they’ll quickly become a fiend for this all natural treat. Dandelions are not only full of nutrients but also offer benefits to both your rabbits digestion and respiratory health.

They are considered a natural body tonic which means they not only provide vitamins and phytonutrients but will also leave your rabbit feeling fresh and alert!

Dandelions should still be seen as a treat though and only given in moderation.

Dried Fruits

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Nutritional Facts

Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates 30g11%
– Total Sugars (Natural)14%
–Includes 0g Added Sugars0%

We give link a rare treat of dried assorted fruits from a company called “The Rotten Fruit Box”. There’s no added sugar, totally gluten free and help reduce food waste!

We definitely recommend dried fruit from “The Rotten Fruit Box” purely on the basis it can be stored for a very long time without going nasty and it’s a healthier option with only natural sugars!

However, they are still fruit and as such should only be given once a week or so.

Homemade Rabbit Treats

Making your own treats for your rabbit is extremely rewarding and I don’t just mean because they’ll be gone in no time but because you know that you put your time and effort into making something healthy for your pet.

There tend to be two variations with homemade rabbit treats with or without oats. I highly suggest no oats as it’s a healthier option, but there is no real harm to making some with oats.

Some of the best Homemade Rabbit Treat recipes are extremely simple, containing only:

  • 1/2 cup of pellets
  • 1/4 cup of hay dust / pieces
  • Banana
  • 2 Carrots
  • And an optional berry (Raspberry, Strawberry etc)

Best treats for rabbits

Treats should be given very rarely, we try to give Link completely natural treats with no added sugar. Our favourite brands for rabbit treats are Tiny Friends Farm & Rosewood Naturals, but we do regularly review other brands looking at their ingredients and quality.

Rosewood Naturals Treat Natures Salad

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Grab it here

This is by far our rabbit’s favourite treat, it contains 21 different types of ‘salad’ / greenery for your rabbit to munch on, perfect to mix in with the rest of their Hay or Pellets.

Some of the ingredients are Marigold, Dandelion, Nettle and Peppermint. This will leave your rabbit not only super happy but will provide them with a nice scent!

Without being able to go into detail, Links fur always smells really good after having some of this in his diet. Definitely a bonus.

There are lots of variations of this product, each bunny may prefer a different one, but Link loves ALL of them

Rosewood Naturals Grainless Herb ‘n’ Veg Drops

Treats for rabbits

Grab it here

This is the perfect treat to work your rabbits teeth, they’re super tough and make for a great challenge for your rabbit.

If you’re looking to bake your own rabbit treats, definitely take a hammer to these and sprinkle it ontop of other treats because your rabbit will love the extra flavour.

Link can sit with one of these for around 30 minutes before getting through it entirely.

Boredom Breaker Natural Treats Harvest Festival

Boredom Breaker Natural Treats Harvest Festival

Grab it here

These are a bit hit or miss, we have found if the bag is left open and the they aren’t eaten within the month or so, they can get mouldy.

As long as these are kept on check, packaged properly and given to your rabbit in a decent time. They are a perfect little treat that can be bundled in with normal hay.

With some of the flowering parts, we like to break them off and sprinkle them in to create added flavouring. Seasoning if you will!

Rosewood Naturals I Love Hay Forage Cube Treat and Toy

Rosewood Naturals Cube

Grab it here

These are AMAZING. Watch our video on this and you’ll see out of all the treats that Link runs straight for this when he sees it.

This box will keep your cardboard feind satisfied whilst offering the best tasting treats. Our only negative point is that Link will often eat the heart shape, stick his head in the hole and panic, so we usually cute the hole open wider.

Other than that, this is one of the best Rabbit toys on the market. 6/5 if I could rate it further.

Thank you for reading this post!
Link is an incredibly spoilt rabbit who lives completely free roam. When he's not jumping on his owners heads at 5am or digging at carpet he can often be seen loafed or eating copious amounts of hay.