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Top 5 Rabbit Beds for your indoor rabbit

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

Finding the right Rabbit Bed – If you want to spoilt your rabbit like we do, you’ll know there’s plenty of beds out there that cater to other animals but not specifically to rabbits. In this list, I’ll cover everything we’ve tried that have been slept on and pee’d on.

AmazonBasics Round Pet Bed

AmazonBasics Pet Bed Review

The ultimate budget soft pet bed, perfect if you have other pets like a cat or small dog on the off-chance your rabbit doesn’t like this, otherwise, it makes a ground softener for your rabbits cage if that’s what you want.

For the price point, it makes a great christmas or birthday present for your furry friend.

Link doesn’t like this bed, but my prior rabbits have used them in the past when placed in a common corner.

Round Warming Cat Bed

Cat bed for rabbits

This used to be a favourite in the household but has since changed after washing it unfortunately. It’s not only got a soft side shell but the cushion within can be taken out for ease and comfort (We rest gently on our rabbits side when he’s stressed).

You’ll find plenty of these online so definitely do look around, we got ours inside a bargain store.

IKEA Duktig Doll Bed

Rabbit Doll Bed

These are all the rage but we had to get rid of ours due to our rabbit thinking he was too big for it and refusing to lay on it central.

Saying that, it’s a great little bed to put in their running space or in a room you know they’re in a lot.

It is however a bit of a gimmick and mostly for aesthetics.

Rosewood Snuggle Hooded Bed

image 1

This bed is mostly for younger smaller rabbits, it’s a great little bed but not suitable for teen rabbits upwards. We went with this simply because of the brand Rosewood and I’d say it’s definitely worth every penny.

We now use it as a doorstop, so it’s not entirely wasted!

Grass Mats

20191107 163819 edited scaled
Grass mats are great!

These aren’t explicitly beds, but they are great for your rabbit to not only lay on but also chew, scratch and play with! We used to pair these together using seagrass which is great for making one big grass mat.

You can find these on bulk on amazon, but you should find them in most pet stores and even your closes bargain store.

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Link is an incredibly spoilt rabbit who lives completely free roam. When he's not jumping on his owners heads at 5am or digging at carpet he can often be seen loafed or eating copious amounts of hay.