What are the Best Bunny Subscription Boxes?

Published: February 14th, 2021
Last Updated: April 8th, 2023
Written By: Bradly Spicer

Our top Bunny Subscription boxes in ranking order

Subscription boxes have been around for an extremely long time, but subscription boxes designed specifically for rabbits aren’t extremely popular. However, the ones on the market are pretty good and can be great for providing your rabbit constant boredom breakers. Without the hassle, you can constantly provide your rabbit with a mixup of new toys that you don’t have to worry about them getting bored with as the next month will be different.

Bunny Subscription Box

Whilst your rabbit may be more interested in the box they come in at first, it’s quite exciting opening these up for your rabbit. Most of these boxes deliver to both the US and the UK, however, I will still be labelling them best as I can. Many boxes like the Happy Bunny Club offer discounts if you pay upfront for the year, so definitely look into that as well!

Grabbing a Bunny subscription box can be great as a gift or as a recurring commitment and I highly recommend anyone with a rabbit tries at least 1 of these boxes.

Our breakdown on this is cross checking value and the types of toys we got from the boxes in question, if you have any suggestions or have your own Bunny Box, feel free to email us!

Our top picks

Every rabbit varies, but these are tried and tested rabbit toys we think any rabbit would love to play with, if you have any other suggestions on what you’ve tried, drop them in the comments at the bottom of this post:

  • Best as a gift: Happy Bunny Club
  • Best for variety: Barks And Bunnies
  • Cheapest on a Budget: Barks and Bunnies
  • Best for Chewing: Happy Bunny Club
  • Best for Boredom Breaking: Bunnies That Lunch

1. Happy Bunny Club

The Happy Bunny Club is a UK based Bunny Subscription Box which is based in the Midlands in Norfolk, UK. If you are ordering from outside the UK you will need to pay an excess fee due to the exchange rate and shipping. As of writing this the price is around $25 for the bunny subscription box, so you may find an alternative as a better option.

The international shipping rates are roughly $5-6, which isn’t actually too bad. But it’s down to your local postal service on if you’re charged import tax.

Is it worth the cost? Yes. Whether you’re in the US or UK, I believe this box is definitely worth whatever costs you pay.

The toys appear to be entirely organic and vegan, not chemically treated and provide amazing amounts of fibre.

Our favourite part? They include Rosewood products, and we love Rosewood!

Happy Bunny Club Subscription Box

2. Barks And Bunnies

This one comes in close second to the Happy Bunny Club. It is another UK based Rabbit Subscription Box which means it cost an additional $13 ontop of whichever plan you pick, but the variety of choices is absolutely insane. Barks & Bunnies lets you pick from a large variety of box types which change the toys, diets, multi-pet choices, relaxation or boredom breaking variants etc. It really doesn’t do any justice listing them all here, so definitely check them out yourself.

We really like the “Happy Rabbit Box – Premium” which comes with lots of ‘biscuit-like’ treats, lots of leaves and some toys. It also throws in Rosewood Naturals which again, we absolutely love.

If you’re lucky, your box may contain a single “luxury” item which is usually when they’re shifting the more expensive stock which can make it especially worth it when you get one as a treat. Your bunny will be binkying for days!

Barks and Bunnies Subscription Box

3. Bunbox

I couldn’t see if they ship to the US, so this does seem like it’s only UK based. Bunbox lets you create your own custom subscription box which is a pretty cool feature! You get to pick from a large range of treats, toys and healthy snacks. As a bonus Bunbox boasts using non-toxic inks for the box so your bun can sit and have a nibble if they’re into that as well or if you want them to open the treats inside!

Some of the treats we’ve seen and had were fantastic, as usual, Rosewood naturals were involved so that’s a great bonus for us.

We’ve had dried fruits from this as well like banana slices, whilst we do prefer other brands these were perfectly fine if you don’t want a separate purchase!

Bunbox Subscription Box

4. Bunnies That Lunch

This is a UK based company that ships to the UK and EU, there is shipping to the US, but that may cost a lot more and potentially have an import fee. If you’re in the UK the rolling month subscription is £17 which is around $20 and €19.

If you have other pets they also have other subscription boxes for cats and dogs, they’re not new to the game and it shows!

Bunnies that lunch is the more expensive bunny subscription box for anyone in the US/Canada as shipping can actually jump to around $15 per subscription.

In terms of the actual products, each month has a different theme and the amount of products ranges from 6-7 products (As far as I can tell it depends on the size of the products you get within).

As per usual, they also supply Rosewood products, so that’s a huge bonus from us. Rosewood produce AMAZING boredom breakers and treats!


What happened to Pawtyfun?

As of writing this, it appears Pawtyfun has closed down and is no-longer operating as their web hosting and domain is expiring. Unfortunately we’ve not been able to reach out to them which makes this incredibly difficult to not only evaluate but see if they’re going to be continuing their subscriptions moving forward.

With no social media presence and no website, I can only assume they’re not coming back.

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