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Can rabbits eat Cabbage?

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

If you’re a vegetable grower link myself, you’ll have cabbage as a staple vegetable in your household like most families. However, given how sensitive your rabbits gut is, you may be wondering if it is safe for your rabbit to eat Cabbage? There’s a few pros and cons of cabbage, so lets break it down.

Can rabbits eat Cabbage?

Yes, Cabbage is a very safe cruciferous (related to the cabbage family) vegetable that your rabbit can eat daily. There’s a variety of cabbages that your rabbit can eat which include: White, red (Often seen as purple), green and a favourite of ours Chinese (Bok Choy). Cabbage has extremely good nutritional value due to being rich in Vitamin C.

It’s worth noting that your rabbit may not agree with Cabbage, to avoid GI Stasis and excessive gas, provide your rabbit with very small quantities when introducing it into their diet.

Rabbits diets are extremely difficult to work with, they can be very picky and the slightest change can potentially be fatal to your furry friend. That’s why you should always read up on your rabbits dietary needs and familiarize yourself.

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage Daily?

Yes, rabbits can eat cabbage daily, however, you should mix this up to avoid your rabbit becoming reliant and safe with one set of vegetables! Always try and combine cabbage with other fresh green leafy vegetables or herbs.

There are many different varieties to cabbages, some are better than others but only your rabbit can decide which one they like most!

Type of CabbageSafe for rabbits?
White CabbageYes
Pointed Cabbage (Sweetheart Cabbage / Hipsi)Yes
Red CabbageYes
Savoy CabbageYes
CauliflowerYes (In very small quantities)
Brussels SproutsYes (In small quantities)

In Short, every variation of cabbage in the table above is safe

How much cabbage can I feed my rabbit?

There is no specific amount of cabbage to provide your rabbit. However, your rabbits diet should consist of anywhere from 5-15% of vegetables and cabbage can take up a considerable amount of this portion.

If possible, give your rabbit as wise of a variety of vegetable as you can give, but at the very least try 3 different types of leafy green.

What diet should my rabbit have

If your rabbit has never had cabbage you may struggle with getting them to eat it, that’s totally normal. Simply slowly ease them into the feeding process of fresh veggies whilst mixing in some vegetables you know they’ll love!

Can Cabbage Kill Rabbits?

Cabbage is not poisonous or toxic to your rabbit, however, much like anything else a rabbit can eat it should only be taken in small quantities. Vegetables part of the cabbage family are notoriously known for producing gas which may cause discomfort in your rabbit in the long run.

If you’re worried about potentially causing GI Stasis due to your rabbit having a sensitive gut, cabbage should be avoided as there’s plenty of other vegetable alternatives for your rabbits diet.

Unfortunately, due to the gas seen in cabbages, this can cause bloating in your rabbits which can cause discomfort which alone can cause GI Stasis due to lack of eating and drinking.

Final thoughts – Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?

Whilst it’s weird to think that vegetables like Kale and Brussels sprouts are part of the cabbage family, it’s great to know that cabbage is a perfect vegetable if your rabbit has a healthy and productive digestive system.

Whilst cabbage isn’t a crucial or staple part of a rabbits diet, it’s easy to come by and even grow at home. However, if you do wish to avoid the risk of gas, there are plenty of other green vegetables that your rabbit can eat instead of cabbage.

Feeding your rabbits cabbage is completely optional, but we definitely suggest giving it a go in small portions.

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