Rabbit Food Calculator – Pellets per kg in weight

Welcome to the Cottontailclub rabbit pellets calculator!

This tool helps you determine the recommended daily amount of pellets your rabbit should consume based on weight.

Enter your rabbit’s weight in kilograms and hit the ‘Calculate’ button to see the result. Our calculator uses a formula of 25g of pellets per kg of your rabbit’s body weight to ensure your furry friend receives the proper nutrition.

Use this calculator to ensure your rabbit gets suitable pellets daily!

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What Rabbit Pellet Brand is best?

Sherwood Rabbit Food11%28% – 33% 0.4% – 0.9%4%High
Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food14%25% – 29%0.35% – 0.75%2%Medium
Oxbow Essentials14%25% – 29%0.35% – 0.75%2%Medium
Small Pet Select Rabbit Food14%25% – 29%0.4% – 0.6%2%High
Oxbow Garden Select12%22% – 26%0.35% – 0.75%2.5%Medium
Supreme Science Selective14%25%0.6%4%High
Kaytee Forti-Diet12%18% – 23%0.3% – 0.8%2.5%Low
Higgins Sunburst Gourmet13%18% – 22%1.2% – 1.5%2%Low
Mazuri Rabbit Food14%18% – 22%0.65% – 1.15%1.5%Medium
Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food15%12% – 17%0.5% – 1%2%Low
Kaytee Fiesta Natural14%11% – 16%0.3% – 0.8%4%Medium

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