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1. Enter the age of your rabbit in the input field.
2. Select the appropriate unit of measurement: months or years.
3. Click the "Convert" button to calculate the approximate human age.

Example: If your rabbit is 8 months old, select "months" as the unit, and click "Convert" to see the approximate human age.

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How is Rabbit to human age calculated?

Simply put, rabbits don’t age the same as humans, so the calculations are mostly superficial. With this in mind, it’s worth noting there is no scientific basis for your rabbit’s age when converted to humans. So, how many human years are in a rabbit year?

We can create a rough estimate by paying attention to an average lifespan (10-12 years), stages of maturity, and how energetic they are.

With the calculator above, we have calculated that a rabbit has expediential growth during the first year. By 6 months old, they are roughly 14 human years. When a rabbit reaches 1 year old, they are roughly 20 years old, and then following on every year is 6 human years, making a rabbit 2 years old equals 26 human years.

Rabbit eating treat hay

Rabbit Age to Human Age Chart

Human AgeRabbit Age
3 Years Old1 Month Old
6 Years Old2 Months Old
9 Years Old3 Months Old
12 Years Old4 Months Old
13 Years Old5 Months Old
14 Years Old6 Months Old
15 Years Old7 Months Old
16 Years Old8 Months Old
17 Years Old9 Months Old
18 Years Old10 Months Old
19 Years Old11 Months Old
20 Years Old1 Years Old
26 Years Old2 Years Old
32 Years Old3 Years Old
38 Years Old4 Years Old
44 Years Old5 Years Old
50 Years Old6 Years Old
56 Years Old7 Years Old
62 Years Old8 Years Old
66 Years Old9 Years Old
72 Years Old10 Years Old
78 Years Old11 Years Old

This table should be taken as an approximation; different breeds and sizes of rabbits will have different average lifespans and should be considered. Generally speaking, the first year will be essentially the same across all breeds, but if your breed has a shorter life expectancy or are particularly large, this will be skewed slightly.

When will my rabbit become an adult?

As rabbits age differently, you may be surprised to find out that they reach maturity at 1 year old, this is roughly around 20 human years old.

Once your rabbit reaches maturity, their aging process tends to slow down (Similar to humans who stop development at around age 25). Around 8 years, a rabbit is considered elderly and may need additional care.

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