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Rabbit Care

Essential Rabbit Gear for new owners

If your rabbit is acting abnormally and you have concerns please take them to a vet immediately.

Keeping a pet rabbit is one of the most rewarding experiences, they are a very vulnerable animal that is extremely dependent on you to stay alive and in doing so they are extremely kind and caring back. They do require a lot of attention, toys, love and care but this guide will breakdown everything we recommend and have tested.

Rabbits are extremely sociable creatures and often need to come in pairs, as such we highly recommend if you have the space getting a partner you can bond them with, the rest of this guide will be written with the understanding you have two rabbits.

Indoor Rabbit Cage

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Around $130 for the full set

Believe it or not, having a rabbit cage indoors can be a life saver, whilst we really don’t recommend locking your rabbit in the cage its perfect for temporary enclosure whilst you clear or need a small window of time to do something. We typically have a cage out with the doors constantly open where our rabbit has a litter box and various toys and hay.

We highly recommend no wire bottom and as big of a space as possible (Preferably on the floor), if you can, this is a great cage with extension to hide in:

Outdoor Rabbit Cage

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Around $180

The bigger the outdoor cage possible, the better. But this cage is great for any outdoor rabbit on a budget and you can easily just add a cage around the outside for a bigger run space.

If you have multiple rabbits you can double this up with your own DIY connections to allow for separate toilets.

If you do opt for this cage, definitely check to see if you can store some toys in the bottom section

Rabbit Water Bowl

This sounds like it would be a really basic choice, but would you believe there’s factors that you likely didn’t think of. Many cages come with plastic bowls that are fine to start with, but over time you will find that they’re easily knocked over and constantly make a mess.

We recommend a ceramic bowl as this is weighty enough to stop your rabbit from knocking it over. We personally like the ones with patterns on them!

Rabbit Food Bowl

These are a lot easier than the rabbit water bowl as the food will weigh down the bowl. The only issue you have is potentially spilling food everywhere but in most cases you’ll find your bunny will clear up the mess for you!

If possible, get a chew resistant bowl like the one we suggest as this will prevent issues in the future.

Litter Box

Firstly, we highly recommend staying clear from your standard triangle litter box and going for a cat box which gives your rabbit a lot more freedom and space to move about.

You’ll honestly find it a lot cleaner in general as well as they won’t be able to kick litter everywhere!

We used a low lid toilet for quite some time but it didn’t really work as expected so definitely do look for a higher walled toilet.

What Litter should you use?

Rabbits are very picky and can be pretty dim when it comes to not eating their toilet litter. As such, you should avoid litters made of clay or soft woods. These are the litters and bedding we’ve tried that we found to work out better for our rabbit:

Our ChoiceRunner UpCommunity Best
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NameBack 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding (30L)Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter (8lb)Carefresh Small Pet Bedding (56L)
Customer Rating5/54.5/54.5/5
Our Rating5/54.5/54/5
More InformationCheck it outCheck it outCheck it out

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Link is an incredibly spoilt rabbit who lives completely free roam. When he's not jumping on his owners heads at 5am or digging at carpet he can often be seen loafed or eating copious amounts of hay.